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Lena's parents got us a new fridge. Pepco decided to do maintenance on that exact day and so when the delivery peoples tried to deliver the fridge there was no power and I had to refuse delivery and reschedule. We tried actually to reschedule the day before, but apparently the fridge was already on the truck. And once it is on the truck god knows you can't take it off. Anyway fridge came the next week which was fine, but in the power failure something mysterious happened to the graphics card in my PC, and now it only works with one monitor. There was this thing that was going around twitter for a while in my circles about programmers trying to explain to non-programmers that they needed long stretches of uninterrupted time to concentrate on their work. This being a surprise to non-programmers? No not really it was just a minority of programmers being jerks. Anyway, I don't mind if you interrupt me working if it is something important. Most people know this and most people adhere to these terms and even if sometimes it doesn't work out that way I don't rant endlessly on twitter about it. One thing that really DOES bother me as a programmer is having to use a computer with just one screen. Even if they are small screens I find it hard to organize myself on just one. Sometimes I'd like to have a third. So anyway, I considered various options for repairing the aging PC, or replacing it, and eventually settled on augmenting it with a Mac and keeping the PC for the few PC things that I still need. I have an on-again-off-again thing with Apple. I can't stand a lot about Apple, but there is Microsoft has at least as much baggage, and my bread and butter is Linux, and while it is actually okay for desktop, it lacks key applications that I need for my photography. I did save some money by buying a memory upgrade from NewEgg instead of Apple. I did this the last time I got a Mac as my workstation, which was back in the G5 era. As Apple starts to sell more and more hardware with memory soldered onto the motherboard (and thus not upgradable), the less likely I am to buy their stuff because paying over 2x th price for memory just makes me angry. So anyway, Apple I guess is irritating me slightly less than Microsoft for just right now so I have my dual head Mac and the PC with one monitor. The fridge by the way is fantastic. I no longer need to sit on my ass to find stuff that I need.

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