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June The Crazy Busy Month

June is often the busy month for us. This year has been no exception! I've been somewhat stressed about giving my talk at the National Perl Nerds Conference (YAPC). Also several medium sized projects at work. Then there is also the impending joy of a baby girl. Lena said that “impending” was the wrong word for the baby shower invite. She was definitely right, but I have a playful relationship with irony and tone. This last weekend we went to the Silver Spring and Olney farmer markets. As a result we ate lots of nice stuff. In particular I am a big fan of the tomato place at the Silver Spring market and the Aussie meat pies (of a ll things) at the Olney market. We also had this really nice cherry pie... mmmm... which we had just enough vanilla ice cream for one serving à la mode. Yes!

We also went to see Wonder Woman. I thought it was good. Lena said it made her feel empowered. I feel like the DCEU could use a little more humor, and a little less cracked pavement. Apparently it could also use a little more Patty Jenkins and a little less Zack Snyder. Oh we also took kiddo along with us too :) I hope when she is old enough to enjoy movies more fully there are lots of super heros like Wonder Woman.

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