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Here is a video of Lena and her choir singing at the game the other day:

We are proud of her! She is the best one in her row. I think I recognize her forehead in one shot. lol.

The Post had an interesting to me article on Brutalism in Washington. Along with some moody black and white photographs that I thought were pretty decent. The on-line versions do not do even the magazine insert justice. So an early unrelated win (?) for the subscription in the in vain hope that the Post keeps Trumpy in check. I would love to see those in actual silver black and white. I actually like Brutalism (in moderation) and I think it a pity that some of these buildings are getting knocked down. It is a shame that the old FBI building will probably go. Where is The Americans going to film their exteriors!?

So far unmentioned here is that mum and Don are buying an apartment 30 minutes (sans traffic) from our house so as to be closer to kiddo. They looked at the apartment when they were visiting in May. Lena and I were at the inspection in their place since mum is back in Sweden and Don is back in Salt Lake. This was the first time I had a chance to look at the place. The thing about looking at housing with other people's stuff in it is that you have to remind yourself that it won't be this stuff, but some other stuff. But even though I was trying to ignore this stuff, I couldn't help but notice that the owners had a number of black and white photographs on the wall. Family photo stuff, nothing arty. It got me to thinking about my own photography though, which is rather eclectic by contrast. One day I will be shooting B&W black and white for printing in my dark room, then I might be shooting color slide to print using the inkjet. Another day it might be a DSLR to post on the web. (actually the bulk of my stuff winds up on the web, rather than printed out, just for lack of space). I think if I were more serious I should focus on one medium more closely and attempt to perfect it. That sounds tiresome so I am happy to be eclectic.

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