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Lena's choir sang the national anthem at the Nats Mariners game on Thursday. I went down to see them perform and watch the game. They sounded fantastic. I could hear every word. Thankfully I have pretty good eyesight so I could see them even though I was on the other side of the stadium and under the jumbotron (thus unable to see them on the jumbotron). We stayed for the game, though Lena was (understandably) so excited about singing that I don't think she saw that much. The game was okay. The Nats got three runs off a homer in the first innings. All of the points scored were in the first two innings. I am not a big sports fan and thus not a big baseball fan, but it is pretty fun to go down for a game. The local team (the Nats) won 5-1, which put the fans in a good mood. I think this is only my third live baseball and the second MLB game that I've ever seen.

This morning we got up early for the anatomy scan for kiddo. Everything checked out. We also found out that we are having a girl. Lena was worried that I was disappointed, but I don't think I am. Girls can still like dinosaurs[1], and boys can hate them, depending on their preferences. The important thing is for kiddo to be a happy person. I have been thinking though that gender is a big part of the way that people judge you and the way that we define ourselves in this world. The main thing that I want is for her not to be limited in anyway by what others think a girl and eventually a woman can or can't do. Of course I can only control my own actions to try and make that a reality.


Another from my old black and white slides collection. On a cold day, probably early fall, hiking with my friends looking over Cold Spring, New York. Agfa Scala 200x.


A self portrait that I took in the spring grass at work the other day. There is a unkempt field where I work which gets quite unruly in the early spring. I have been playing Breath of the Wild, so my brain is tuned to think that I might be able to find a cricket or two hiding in there for use later in the game.

  1. dinosaurs here are a stand in for anything that the parent likes and wants to share with their kids; also consider film photography, Lego, classic video games, etc
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