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I had to call the DMV[1] because my insurance company had mislead me. I angrily told the person on the other end of the phone that it was my insurance company's fault, after she already told me that they would give me a waver for the lapse in coverage. This brings up two memories thanks to the random neurons that fire in my brain.

  1. That time I was describing the agency formerly known as Immigration Naturalization Service (INS) and somebody thought it might be vaguely similar to the DMV. I contend INS was and probably still is in its new form much much worse a thing to have to deal with , because 100% of the “customers” do not have the vote[2]. In this case the person on the other end of the phone (DMV) fixed things fine, and the whole experience was totes better than INS.
  2. I always try to be kind to people in call centers (mentioned previously this week even), because I was good friends with someone who worked in a call center once. Most of the time she just wanted to help people who were having trouble with the product, and she couldn't do that if they were yelling at her! So even though I did pointlessly express my displeasure at someone who probably wasn't in a position to do anything about fixing what is wrong with the DMV, at least I didn't raise my voice and I effusively thanked her at the end of the conversation.

Mum has arrived for a few days. She brought with her my new Nintendo Switch. I played a little bit of new Zelda. So far I like what I see, but it is quite different from the direction that Zeldas have been going in the last few games. Nintendo need more titles for this system. I feel like this might be the last Nintendo console. Although I thought the Wii U might be too.


I found this funny old photo of me that my old friend Melly took of me when I was visiting her in Houston, many moons ago. Probably at least a decade.


Store window in Beacon, New York. Reads: “Elvis was NOT seen here last week buying one of our guitars... (it was the week before)”.


The Getty in LA. Tyler and I went there on one of my many trips out there. From memory, I thought the architecture was more interesting than the artwork!


I added some pictures to my cube at work. The three black and whites are ones that I printed last weekend.

Showed off the room formerly known as the Library (aka kiddo's room) to mum and Don. Don really liked the rocking chair. I told him that he was welcome to come use it anytime he wants to babysit, to which he responded “Ah now you are starting to talk like a dad”. Eek! The D word. Not sure that I am ready to be called a “Dad” or“Father”. Yikes!

  1. called MVA here for some reason
  2. Interestingly, the day that I did get the right to vote, when I was naturalized, the INS and the federal government was conspicuously missing
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