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existential scandal

Circa 2004.


More black and white slides. The tech to do black and white slides is considerably more complicated and more expensive now than it was when I took these photos. Agfa Scala film no longer exists. Every now and then I think it would be fun to shoot black and white slides, but then I look at what dr5 is charging for the service and shake my head no. This photograph is taken on Main Street in Beacon, New York. I lived in Beacon for almost two years before moving back to Australia. It was the first time I can remember being able to walk into town from my home, which was nice.


Close up on a pile of bricks.


Here is a little islet in Nuclear Lake[1], which was a common hike that I used to do when I lived in the Hudson Valley. Good times.

Okay. So question. Can we not go an entire week before experiencing yet another presidential self-inflicted existential scandal?

Flowers finally showed up on Monday, but no thanks to the delivery service! The actual (incorrect) recipient called Lena and they managed to coordinate and she left the flowers on our doorstep. Still no explanation as to what happened even though the people on the other end of the phone promised me three times to provide status.

Also huge medical bill was in the post for the PT that I had back in April. It seems like it should have been covered, but honestly I have no idea. Experience tells me that you can go to a provider, they tell you that they take your insurance, and then they send you a bill for the full amount anyway. Lena was on the phone with the insurance company for almost two hours. (Currently not sure if I will have to end up paying or not; more painful phone calls will likely be required). I don't understand any of it. Lena says she doesn't understand it either, but she holds her ground and keeps at it. This is what makes us a good team. Different skill sets for handling adversity. I gave her a big hug after.

  1. yes real name
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