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Timon on Mum's Day

Operation Mum's Day began with brekky in bed for my fave mum-to-be, which was well received. I gave Lena the one egg that I managed to fry without running. Two hours later it was time to call my mum and wish her a happy Mum's Day. Before the play, we went to Cheburger for lunch.

We'd gotten tickets to see Timon of Athens at Folgers Shakespeare Library. Like the other stuff that we'd seen there it was a very modern production, with mobile phones, machine guns and rave music. Great stuff. I sometimes reflect on how timeless some of these plays are and how easily they fit into a modern context. The play is about the wealthy and generous Timon is flattered by his “friends” when things go well, but when he goes into debt his friends scurry for the hills and abandon him. In the second half of the play he is homeless and more than a little crazy (in this interpretation, he has clear OCD in the first half of the play which shows an interesting insight into the play). It was a treat to see this play, as it is seldom performed. Good stuff.

Mum got her flowers and sent us some pictures via hangouts. She was thrilled by the gift. Good times. When we got home, I was hoping then Lena's flowers would be waiting for us on the doorstep. Unfortunately they were not, so I sent a message to the company that I had ordered them from indicating that they had not delivered what I had ordered, hoping for a refund. They called, but I didn't pick up because phone was still on silent mode from the play. (Lena rightly complains that I am hard to get a hold of because I do not pick up my phone). (Frequently it is because I have to silent the phone and forget to unsilent it). So I called them back, and actually this is the THIRD time and they gave me the same run around. When I get angry with a company when talking to someone in a call center I always try very hard to balance my feelings of rage with treating the person on the other end (who is likely not responsible for said company's failure). I expressed my rage but also thanked her for their promise to call me later for a status update. Even though I estimate a 1% chance that they will actually do so. I expect to be calling them for a forth time tonight when the flowers still have not shown up.

Anyway, Lena had come downstairs and heard me talking on the phone, I was avoiding her finding out, so I explained to her why her flowers did not come (that she wasn't even expecting; they were supposed to be a surprise). She reminded me of what I had told her years ago, which was all these special days are nice and fun but the thing that really counts is how we treat each other on the other 364/365[1]. So yay for that.

We also watched Space Zombie Doctor Who. Lena said she was going to miss the Twelfth Doctor. Yes, it has once again come to that stage where there are murmurings of a regeneration and we say “don't go” and “we don't like the new guy/gal[2]” until the new Doctor is around for a while and we do it alllllll again.

Mum sent more picture of her flowers which had started opening. Well at least half of the flowers made it!


Today I am sending off my latest batch of film to Blue Moon Camera and Machine. I am eagerly awaiting the results as usual. I officially endorse both Blue Moon, and, the two mail order labs that I use the most often (each have excellent service, each with different pricing advantages depending on what you are processing and whether or not you need scans). I only mention this endorsement because someone asked me about it the other day. Though that was probably an aberration, probably aren't that many people who care where I send my film. (Also if you are shooting black and white I endorse processing it yourself)! (But I know that is not always convenient so if you can't then Blue Moon or are a good alternative).

I spent most of Saturday in my darkroom printing. An activity that I hadn't done in a number of months. I expect that I will less often have the opportunity so I wanted to do a little printing before kiddo arrives.

Politically last week was a crazy roller-coaster. With all of the references to Watergate swirling it got me to thinking about the way we think about constitutional crisis or crisis of constitutions. After all, we are told, this is not a constitutional crisis because the President has obstructed justice by simply firing the FBI director; something he is perfectly allowed to do by the constitution. Is it not, then, a crisis OF the constitution that it allows such corruption at the highest level? We are also told that this is either is or is not really like Watergate for this or that reason, but regardless, I wonder if this is what it felt like during that crisis? After all I have always viewed Watergate as history, rather than as something that I lived through. My brain processes it in a more nuanced way, but essentially: “the President did bad and under threat of impeachment resigned; to some degree, however imperfectly, the system worked out in the end”. I never had the opportunity to think (to this degree at least) “the President did bad, but it seems without a hostile congress it seems unlikely for the system to even imperfectly work”. One day I expect to look back and know how it turned out, but I will also look back and remember how it felt. “Interesting times” as they say. Sometimes I think that little has changed since Timon of Athens the (non-fictional) person was doing his thing back in the day. Only with fewer mobile phones, and machine guns and rave music.

  1. depending on leap years
  2. maybe this time?
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