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events surrounding the guardians


Every year this lone flower blooms by our doorstep. Photographed on some wacko expired AGFA hence the colors (plus very slightly adjusted in The Photoshop).

I got tickets ahead of time for Lena and I to see Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2, and then mum messages me asking if we are going to see it together. Wait? What? She seemed really excited about it, so I asked if she had seen the first one, and she reminded me that we had seen it together. Timelines are tricky for me, like Lena will ask me do you remember when you said X while Y was going on. Then I will say oh. Those were related? I remember saying X, and I remember Y happened, but wow, they were coincident? Crazy. (Usually that I at least remember both happening is enough to save me). Anyway, after explaining that Lena and I were going to see it opening weekend, mum decided to watch the film at the same time as us (only in Salt Lake City) so that we could call up at talk about it post credits. (Side note: yes there are like five post and intra credit sequences in this movie, so no we didn't really any more post-creditness). Mum was still excited. That was good.

Saturday I woke up early, and made my gringo adaptation of huevos rancheros for Lena. Brekky in bead! I had eggs the day before so I just had cereal. Oh and OJ that Lena had made, mentioned previously. Then we walked around Lake Frank. We were early enough that the rain was threatening but not manifesting. We got about half way around the loop, but the stream looked tricky to ford and we decided to go back the way that we came. Normally I think we'd do it, but didn't want Lena to have a nasty spill.

We drove into Rockville to find that the streets downtown were blocked off for a little art fair. So we strolled through a few of the vendors to see what they were flogging. One guy was selling black and white (silver) prints and had a fun collection of vintage, but probably not functional film cameras. Another guy was into reflections. Like. For ten years that is all that he's photographed. It's good to have focus! Anyway, I love to photograph reflections, sometimes in water, but usually in glass, so we chatted for a little bit. We discussed the problem of “which side is up?” that you often have with photographs of reflections. I usually prefer to have the picture in the way I took it. What sometimes seems like upside down if the reflection is in a pool of water under the (indirect) subject. People's brains have trouble with this and will want to turn it upside down. This annoys me. (but only a tinylot). The artist related a story by which he was delivering a print to someone and the buyers partner wanted in addition another print, but wanted him to frame it upside down. Sure! Whatever! He said. This is why it is good that I am an amateur, because I would want it right side up! Always! Except maybe. If there was a good reason to put it upside down.

Then the movie. It was good. I thought. But you can go see it to make up your own mind. Excited about trailers for: Spider-Man, Thor, Star Wars. Not sure about trailers for: Wonder Woman. (Not because female lead; need more super hero films with that characteristic; but because DC has been so terrible so far). Unexcited about trailers for: Transformers. (I know dead horse, but can Michael Bay PLEASE STOP MAKING TRANSFORMER MOVIES).

Driving home I asked Lena to call mum so that we can start talking about the film. Only apparently they missed the movie to go protest the abolishment of Bears Ears National Monument. I proudly thought to myself wow, mum's become quite the activist. Also Lena was talking to her mum, who said that we had also seen the first Guardians with them. I was like. Wait. What? Timelines you are trying to confuse me again. Lena's mum said that we hadn't seen it with my mum, but I asked Lena to lookup the opening date for the film, and sure enough it was about a week before we had our courthouse wedding way back in 2014. So. I am pretty sure that we must have gone to see the movie that weekend when both families were here for the wedding. Also another event coincident that I had forgotten.

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