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the parable of the letter jacket

One of my professors freshman year at uni liked to recount the parable of the letter jacket. Wherein a successful high school jock makes it to college campus and wears his letter jacket until after a few months he realizes this does not make him a big man on (college) campus and ships it back home (quietly) in his second semester. I can't remember which professor it was, but I want to say English. That professor was in fact so fond of this parable that I wonder if maybe he wasn't compensating for something.

I was thinking of this parable when I heard that Trumpy was handing out electoral college maps to reporters hoping for favorable coverage of his 100 days. I don't know if this is a true story, but it certainly does seem plausible given his public tweets of late. I have heard a number of smart and knowledgeable people express dismay at the focus on 100 days and claim that it isn't a real thing. My view is that even if it isn't inherently a thing, people's brains are so wired to pay attention to it that it becomes a thing inherent anyway. As someone who has turned 40 (just once), I can say even for people who don't think arbitrary passages of time are a big deal, you do notice it when you turn 40. It can be not a big deal and a big deal at the same time.

We canceled our trip up to New Jersey this weekend because I wasn't feeling very well on Friday morning. In the event I have been getting better at speed, despite a lingering cough. We could have gone to New Jersey, perhaps, but I think it was just as well to stay home and rest. Saturday we went looking for cribs, and we bought one. On Sunday I put it together. The room formerly known as the library is starting to come together. Lena would like to call it the nursery. She feels bad when she slips her tongue because I liked having a place to put my books and cameras. The thing is though, my books and cameras have a place. But I will still probably call it the room formally known as the library for a while.

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